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Strategic IT Consulting for Digital Transformation

Decision-Making Challenges

Digital Transformation these days will probably seem like an ongoing topic for most organizations and professionals. Overall, it is easy to understand in its most simplistic concept: to transform an “old school” manual/paperwork environment and bring it to the most up-to-date ways of web applications, automation, data, and so on.

However, when thinking of applying it in an organization, the decision-makers end up facing almost the same questions that any one of us gets when buying, for instance, a new cell phone: “Why this one? Why now? What if next month an improved model is announced?”.

Waiting for the “next possibility” will be a decision blocker and it is not easy to answer directly to these questions directly, in our understanding because it is no longer about the “latest ultimate flashy S-tier tech option”, but about reaching out for the right one for you, and most important, the time-to-market of getting it done.

This also happens because it is not only about your operation but also about how your competitors are already doing in this field. Newer technologies will always come, there is no question about that, but will yours give you an advantage at that moment in time? And for how long?

The Role of a Strategic Partner

Applying this process of thinking to a Digital Transformation implementation, it becomes clear that it demands not only the agility to get it done now but also flexibility to improve it in the future, and this is where a proper IT Consulting Strategy comes through.  

Consider that you already went through how much money your business is losing due to its legacy digital operation systems, also you already know how quickly you need new emerging technologies to be at hand, so now you’ll want to know which technologies will serve you best and how to do it as fast – because from the moment these technologies are working to the time newer ones rise (and there is always someone getting the newer one), this is when you have the most advantage in your market, where you’ll keep your competitive level at its peak. We are talking for example enhanced operational efficiency, improved customer experience, and overall raising your business agility.

This is why working with a partner with whom you can build together your strategy and seeing it being implemented can be one of the most crucial decisions on the process. If things are not done right, by the time they are done you might have already lost a huge chunk of the advantage you should have from it towards the market, ultimately a big part of what would pay for set investment.

For us, at Mozantech, this is a challenge we welcome and have gone after since day one. There are key aspects of the digital transformation of our business that we already felt the need to improve more than once since we started, and there are others that still give us a competitive edge over most of our competitors, in specific areas, where we managed to find a digital sweet spot in the industry.

This is only possible because we believe Digital Transformation is an ongoing topic and one that we are truly passionate about, to share our know-how and keen eye with our partners.

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Digital Transformation demands agility and flexibility to adopt technologies promptly for competitive advantage.
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